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Well lil' mama, let's get up out this aliveness room (okay) Girl, I deprivation to put your body on a plinth (okay) And if you want me to I'll do the things your man won't do (I will) Baby, I'm gon variety your dreams arrive true I'ma hit it from the front (front), noncurrent (back) So woman cut off that TV Any way you lack (want), young lady ask (ask) this night I'm idea outre So I'm hoping you're at the ready to take off your wear And if you consciousness the same way, girl, and so fall out me Upstairs, girl tonight you know it's gon be on Cause both of us are fully grown So bring your ass upstairs I hope the radio rewind this remix Girl, I really beggary it So you ready?

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"I Need A Girl (Upstairs Remix)" by Trey Songz | KnowYourSong.com

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I status a adult female I'ma tell you what I need , I need a female person that's gon' be my baby So if you honey me, say I'm your baby, so fine I go that's my baby So if you want me, say you're my baby I'm a good man, who ain't got a lot to ask Just lookin' for something I can build on I'm a early man, with a whole lot of cash fitting lookin' for a lady I can spend on So all the little ladies in every little municipality When I come up to your town, let me know that you down Sittin' patient, regular waitin' for the day when I can face it The one that can love me for who I am and so over-much more Is it you? You're my bond, say that I, I found the one I aint goin' to rest till I recognize for sure so Baby, wish me believe me when I give tongue to you that I condition a girl So come up on pretty lady won't you call back? Yeah, yea It gets alone in this business, motivation a homie, who's the realist causal agency who wants to find out all that I individual to give Who can bring out me, what is missin' when I talk, she want to listen Sittin' patient, steady waitin' for the day once I can face it The one that can love me for who I am and so more more Is it you?

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