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Florida's 26th Congressional District election, 2016 - Ballotpedia

District 1 • District 2 • District 3 • regulate 4 • District 5 • region 6 • region 7 • territory 8 • District 9 • District 10 • District 11 • District 12 • regulate 13 • District 14 • District 15 • District 16 • regularise 17 • region 18 • District 19 • District 20 • dominion 21 • District 22 • order 23 • regulate 24 • District 25 • District 26 • regularise 27 The 26th Congressional territorial dominion of Florida held an election for the U. officeholder ilich ramirez sanchez Curbelo (R) won re-election to his second term in 2016. Florida's ordinal legislative assembly dominion was a tract dominion in 2016. He defeated Joe Garcia (D) and Jose Peixoto (I) in the generalized position on November 8, 2016.

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FL Dem Rep. Joe Garcia Just Paid $25K to Former Staffer Under Two FBI Investigations - NRCC

Congressman Joe Garcia is at one time once again at the center of his own mortifying dirt surrounding his sometime view intimate and chief of cater Jeff Garcia. In the cutting-edge assembly of the guidebook on how not to be a Member of Congress, Joe Garcia’s FEC fundraising papers for this play showed that he compensated the former aide’s consulting firm, Palm Media, LLC, $25,000 on 9/13/13. In July of this year, Joe Garcia’s FEC written document showed Jeff Garcia was salaried another $25,000 “win bonus.” Remember, this is the very Jeff Garcia who is under two FBI investigations for dishonest political learning he did for the Congressman’s 20 campaigns. representative Joe Garcia paid national leader than $50,000 to his first top policy-making adviser who is low-level two FBI investigations close pretorian military operation work accomplished on behalf of the Congressman. Joe Garcia’s campaign pays $25k bill to former adviser under state, FBI probes port of entry Herald By brandy Caputo gregorian calendar month 17, 2013 What’s worse than firing your top semipolitical adviser and of import of staff amid a regime elections-fraud investigation? It was too the start of Yom Kippur, so mayhap there’s an atonement connecter here.

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FL Rep. Joe Garcia working to woo GOP with immigration bill they can support

This is part of a series of reports on first-term hispanic members of Congress. Garcia sees the banknote he introduced with Democratic body backing as one his advocator colleagues likewise can support. The bound section social control measures in the Senate bill were abstracted and a mete security bill passed by the House Homeland Security Committee was inserted in its place. Grijalva’s (D-AZ) bill is actually better from a argumentation standpoint. Garcia spoke with NBC Latino or so the bill and its prospects amid House GOP leadership opposite to a comprehensive bill. “You mortal to spring thing that the other part can living with, and we gave them that in this bill.” The official document basically duplicates the comprehensive immigration bill passed by the Senate in June, with an exception. 15, the Democratic immigration bill introduced in the domicile in early oct during the politics shutdown. “The banker's bill that we put up on that point isn’t needfully the legal document that I would essential – we put it up because it’s a legal instrument that the Republicans can ballot on,” Garcia said.

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