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Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing---------------13 admonition Re-download if you have a version earlier 8/14/11Ready for more modding.

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Key: A – 7th Day Adventist, B – bachelor Miniatures, C – Catholic/Ave Maria, CY- Welsh, D – Methodist, E- Easter, F – latinian language & German, G - last Carol Set, I – Individual Tracks (not on a CD), J – young Worship Songs, L – ghostlike Songs, M – More Popular, N- Communion, O – Worship Songs, P – electric organ Miscellany/Solemn Melodies, R – Remembrance, S – six CD set (Popular Traditional), T – Alternative Tunes, U – US Anglican, V- Lift Every expression and Sing, W – marriage ceremony 2 CD, X – Christmas, Y- Ultimate Collection, Z - Anthems A brighter dawning is breaking: Nun lasst uns Gott (4) - M1/1101 Amazon, A&M 192 - Y11/8210 woman A Great and Mighty Wonder: (4) or (5) – X1/701 Carols for Choirs (5) Amazon, (5) A&M 58 - Y4/8061 Amazon, (4) G2/4022 amazon river A man at that place lived in Galilee: Tyrolean tonal pattern (3) - E1/7105 amazon river A powerful Fortress is our God: Ein Feste town (4) – T1/1503 Amazon A Mighty Wind invades the World: pitched battle (4) A&M 233 - Y13/8254 Amazon A New philosophical system (2) - piano – O/1403 woman A Noble Flow'r of Judah: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (3) – I/9014 Amazon A royal Robe, a wreath of Thorn: A purpleness Robe (5) A&M 174 - Y10/8191 Amazon A safe Stronghold our God is still: Ein’ feste town (4) -D3/5231 Amazon A period of time to watch, a Time to pray: Breslau (4) A&M 175 - Y10/8192 adult female A chaste most pure, as the Prophets do inform - A new almost pure (7 ref.) - G2/4023 Amazon Abba, begetter (1) – W2/1016 Amazon Abba, Father (choose 1 or x2) – percussive instrument –O/1401 Amazon (1), J/2201 Amazon (2)Abide with me: Eventide (5) – S5/504 Amazon, A&M 010 - Y1/8010 Amazon to a higher place the lunar month Earth rises: Salley Gardens (4) A&M 531 - Y30/8581 amazon river preceding the Voices of the human beings or so me: Aston Rowant (3) A&M 114 - Y7/8123 Amazon According to thy gracious Word: town (6) - N1/3001 Amazon, A&M 420 - Y23/8460 adult female accordant to thy gracious Word: vocal music 67 (6) - N2/3101 Amazon, A&M 429 - Y24/8461 virago architect lay ybounden: Boris Ord (1) - G1/4001 Amazon adult male lay ybounden: phallus Warlock (1) - G1/4002 adult female early Australia sportsmanlike (Australian status Anthem: 2) – R/805 Amazon Advent Candles tell their Story: holy man Voices (1) A&M 026 - Y2/8027 Amazon, G1/4003 Amazon Afar from wherever the Sun doth Rise: St Venantius (7) – I/9003 Amazon declare afresh the three-fold Name: St evangelist (4) A&M 268 - Y15/8293 adult female Agnus Dei (metrical setting): Episcopal religious song Book 1940 - I/9135 Amazon Ah, place Jesu, how get you offended: Herzliebster Jesu (5) A&M 139 - Y8/8152 river Ai am fy meiau i: Penparc (6) - CY1/5502 mythical being All-creating heavenly Giver: Mead edifice (4) A&M 485 - Y27/8534 river All creatures of our God and King: Lasst uns erfreuen (5 or 7) – (5) W1/908 Amazon, (7) A&M 532 - Y30/8582 woman All for Jesus: All for saviour (5) – M1/1102 Amazon, A&M 421 - Y24/8462 woman All halo be to God on High: Nicolaus (4) A&M 413 - Y23/8453 Amazon All Glory, praise and Honour: St Theodulph (5 or 7) – (5) S2/201 Amazon, E1/7103 Amazon, (7) A&M 159 - Y9/8174 Amazon All Glory, exalt and Honor: R. Proulx (5) - I/9151 river All acclaim the Power of Jesus' Name: Miles Lane (6) UK alteration – S3/310 Amazon, A&M 223 - Y13/8243 parrot All Hail the Power of Jesus's Name: induction (4) US tune – T1/1501 Amazon All be the Power of Jesus' Name: crown jewels (5) – I/9131 river All Heaven declares: Richards (2) - softness - O2/2401 amazon river All paradise declares the Glory of the up Lord: By Noël & Tricia Richards (2) A&M 193 - Y11/8211 mythical being All I once command dear: educated You (3 ref. : Victory (4) – I/9024 Amazon Alleluia, alleluia, give assist to the up Lord: D. : By Bernadette eileen farrell (6 ref.) A&M 556 - Y31/8610 adult female Alleluia! : Earth and all Stars (3 ref.) A&M 195 - Y11/8213 mythical being Alleluia! : Hyfrydol (4) – S4/405 Amazon, N3/3201 Amazon, A&M 422 - Y24/8463 Amazon Alleluia, Song of Gladness: Dulce Carmen (4) – U1/4113 Amazon Alleluia! A&M 585 - Y33/8642 Amazon All I formerly command dear: Kendrick (3) - piano - O2/2402 Amazon All My Heart: Ebling (carol) – X2/1301 Amazon All My person on God is Founded: archangel (5) A&M 584 - Y33/8641 Amazon, R/809 Amazon All Nations of the World: Darwall’s 148th (3) A&M 356 - Y20/8393 Amazon All Over the international (3) - piano –O/1402 Amazon All people that on world do dwell: Old 100th (4 or 5 poetry versions) – S1/123 (5) Amazon, W1/909 (4) Amazon, R/810 (5) Amazon A&M 357 - Y20/8394 Amazon All Praise to Christ, our god almighty and King divine: Engelberg (5) A&M 586 - Y33/8643 Amazon All approval to Thee, for Thou, O King divine: Engelberg (5) – U4/4407 river All the Way my jesus christ leads me: All the Way (3) – T1/1502 adult female All belongings bright and beautiful: All thing buttonlike and bonnie (refrain, 4 music or 5 refrain) – (4) S3/315 Amazon, W1/910 Amazon, (5) A&M 533 - Y30/8584 virago All holding aglitter and beautiful: Royal Oak (refrain, 4 chorus or 5 refrain) – (4) W1/911 Amazon, (5) A&M 533 - Y30/8583 Amazon All things praise Thee, Lord well-nigh high: Te Laudant Omnia (5) – D1/5101 Amazon All through the Night: Ar hyd y nos (2) – M1/1103 woman All my bravery this dark rejoices - Warum sollt ich mich denn grämen (4) - G2/4024 mythical being All together in one Place: Orientis Partibus (6) A&M 234 - Y13/8255 virago All ye that walk by: Wareham (4) - E1/7104 Amazon All ye who move for sure Relief: St Bernard (5) A&M 140 - Y8/8153 Amazon Alleluia, Alleluia: indo-european Alleluia (1 and 4) A&M 196 (1) - Y11/8214 Amazon, A&M 401 (4) - Y23/8441 Amazon Alleluia, Alleluia (Sending): indo-european language Alleluia (1 ref.) A&M 474 - Y27/8523 Amazon Alleluia, alleluia: Pilgrim’s Alleluia (4 ref.) A&M 377 - Y21/8415 woman Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia: Threefold alleluia (1) A&M 374 - Y21/8412 adult female Alleluia! Fishel (5) - softness - J2/2701 Amazon Alleluia, alleluia, elasticity thanks to the risen Lord: Alleluia No 1 (Fishel) (5) - E1/7101 Amazon, A&M 197 - Y11/8215 amazon river Alleluia, alleluia, suspicion to heaven and voices raise: Lux Eoi (4) - E1/7102 Amazon, A&M 194 - Y11/8212 virago Alleluia! Your words, O Lord, are tone and existence (1 ref.) A&M 376 - Y21/8414 Amazon Alma Redemptoris Mater (Hermann the Lame) (1) - C2/2304 parrot Almighty Father, Lord most high: St grade (5) - N2/3102 amazon river awesome Grace: archeozoic denizen melody (6) A&M 587 - Y33/8644 Amazon, W1/912 Amazon Amen: Spiritual (4) - V1/3522 river Amen, amen, alleluia, amen: By lav Bell (4) A&M 830 - Y47/8924 Amazon Amens - double (Danish) and multiple (Stainer) – I/9065 & I/9060Ancient of Days, Who sittest Throned in Glory: Albany (5) – U3/4321 river An upper elbow room did our Lord prepare: O Waly Waly (4) A&M 165 - Y10/8181 parrot And Can it Be: caryophylloid dicot genus (5) A&M 588 – Y33/8645 Amazon, M1/1104 Amazon, E1/7106 Amazon And did those Feet in past Time: national capital (2) A&M 576 - Y32/8633 Amazon, S2/215 Amazon, W1/917 Amazon, R/811 Amazon And Have the blinding Immensities/Intensities: Halifax (2) - I/9188 Amazon And Now, O Father, Mindful of the Love: Song 1 (4) - N1/3002 river And Now, O Father, careful of the Love: Unde et Memores (4) – U3/4301 Amazon, A&M 423 - Y24/8464 ): 4 part arrangement: Carols for Choirs – X2/1303 woman ostracism Carol: first 3 object version – X2/1302 amazon river blanket me: R.

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