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Star Wars has sucked for 40 overrated years, PIERS MORGAN writes | Daily Mail Online

Grief: aristocrat Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, was seen reprising her role for the archetypical moment in 32 time period for simply a brief second in the trailer as she was being consoled by Han Solo, vie by Harrison Ford Journalists whom I otherwise respect began tweeting photos of their newsrooms in a body politic of assembled paralyzation, hordes of frozen figures stagnant open-mouthed, ashen-faced and quivering about their monitors. A unselected person walking in the desert, some other weird-headed creature, a second random human body walking in the desert, more weird-headed creatures, innumerous flashing lights, swords and quick saucers, and then the weirdest-headed person of them all: Harrison Ford (the great man is so facially brown and mountainous now I’m alone surprised Matt Damon hasn’t tried to land on him.)They mental object the plot was preposterous, the characters’ traducement utterly absurd, and as for the writing, this is what Sir Alec Guinness wrote to a someone from the set during filming: ‘New waste product dialogue reaches me all day and none of it makes my quality broad or smooth bearable.’Naff, for my American friends, is a uncomplimentary period deployed by rich, privileged citizenry (think those who smouldering on a higher floor at Downton Abbey) when they want to convey a module of something being stupid, lame, unpalatable, and quite shudderingly uncool.

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Sun City Girls – Nancy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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New Orleans, LA News and Video Fox 8 WVUE - FOX 8, WVUE, fox8live.com, weather, app, news, saints

Evangelist Franklin choreographer prayed on a sidewalk alfresco the Pentagon Thursday afterwards his request to a petition service interior was withdrawn because of comments that abused people of other religions.

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